Everything started with the love of poem…
A beautiful glance remains us from our guests who stayed at our hotel and look the mirrors…we thought that our hotel should be a leisure place which have a character and a soul also it should be lively and so we set out our way by inspiring from our poets. Our main aim was to bid farewell our guests by contributing something to them.

Yes,everything started with the love of poem,
Love of poem,love of business,love of country,love of humanity and love of beloved one…

Our aim was to gather everybody who share these emotions…there is a common saying for the hotels like‘’feel yourself at home’’but our aim wasn’t only this but also we wanted to host you at our rooms which have soul of true life experience with the poems under the names of our famous poets. It was our aim to create a life far away from the stress of real life and the noise of our times and to relieve you with gripping your imagination to old days. We gave our famous poets’ names to our rooms. One is called Nazım Hikmet with beautiful mountain view … The other is called Mehmet Akif Ersoy which has a balcony with the lake view…For the lovers the room is called Ataol Behramoğlu which has a window at the attic fort hem to see the beautiful sky.

We open our doors slightly for you to step into a peaceful life which has soul and also it is experienced,modern,pure and cultural. Now , we are waiting for you…

Şiir boutique hotel concept
In our rooms and common areas there are 550 best poems of our most famous poets,their reliefs,busts and paintings. Besides, in the lobby for the poem lovers there is a poem performance corner at which you can have a chance to listen poems of famous poets from their own voice. And also there is a library for whom loves reading. In the library there is a special poem notebook for our guests to make their poems and writings eternal… ıf they want our guests can hang their poems to our poem tree.

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