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At Şiir Hotel, we have created a special atmosphere that will not only rest your body but also your soul. Close your eyes and leave yourself in the arms of this relaxing journey ... You can leave yourself to the luxury of water massage in the special jacuzzi. If you wish, you can enjoy the traditional pleasure in the Turkish bath, and keep fit in the sauna and gymnasium with equipment. In addition to all these, you can give yourself a unique privilege by choosing one of the massage programs in the massage menu.


Sauna provides many benefits to human health. It is accepted by many healthcare professionals that the sauna has a curative and curative effect against problems related to our health, from rheumatism to sleep disorders, from tension to depressive troubles. Sauna is a health cabin that allows you to relax and rest by sweating and relaxing inside a warm, humid and wooden room interior by getting rid of the stress and problems of security. The benefits of sauna have been known to people since ancient times and it has been used in the treatment of many other illnesses such as depressive disorders, dirt, rheumatism.

Turkish Bath

The service offered in the Turkish bath includes the art of the Anatolian K & uuml; lt & uuml; r & uuml; with v & uuml; resembles a type of rene that allows the cud to rest. You will feel like sultans living in the past with the effect of exotic aromas and radiating warmth. With the relaxing effect of the hot steam in the hammam, your skin warms up and your skin becomes soft. Here you will feel the warmth completely relax your soul and body. The bath therapist then begins to apply the scrub, which is effective and cleansing, relaxes and makes you feel good ... The skin becomes soft and soft, while the accelerated blood circulation relaxes the contractions. Then you are wrapped in a fragrant cloud of ash. Your body, which is relaxed with the pleasant scent of cologne, is thoroughly rinsed after the massage. Hammam therapist with aromatic oils and hammam & ouml; zg & uuml; With massage movements, it activates the muscles and applies a special massage to your head, hands and feet.


Life started in water, it will continue in water .... The benefits of the jacuzzi pleasure, which enhances the blood circulation and accelerates the removal of toxins from the water, are not counting ... . Ouml; especially sports etc. It is perfect for relieving the spasms in the muscles that get tired and hardened after physical exercises and ending the pain in the bones and joints. V & uuml; provides renewal of cut dynamism. It literally charges the body. It eliminates the negative effects of heavy work tempo such as brain fatigue, mental fatigue and stress on the nervous system and gives vitality.


In our beauty, the importance of having spiritual, mental and physical religion increases in fitness and spa centers. Being aware of this, Şiir SPA is structured to create a sense of religion and serenity as well as functionality. Peace and serenity, healthy and religious; We recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes in our gym with equipment so that we can expand your life with a life. It is a complete relief ... For sore backs, stiff necks, tense muscles, there is probably no better gift than a massage .. Even if the massage is a fullness, it is a physical away from all the stress and chaos of external expression, it is a mental and spiritual purification, relaxation break. By keeping the skin structure of the person under the protection of the person's skin structure by experts and experienced massage, nourishing, moisturizing, moisturizing, fat burning accelerating features wheat, sesame, rosemary, lemon, It is made using oils such as orange, rose, ylang ylang.